Trekking in Retezat Mountains


The Retezat Mountains (Munții Retezat) are among the most noteworthy natural beauties of Romania. Due to its rich biodiversity, most part of this massif has been set up in 1935 as a National Park. Major characteristics: the Retezat Mountains fall into two major groups:  –   The Limestone Retezat (or The Small Retezat), a massif with lower altitudes compared […]


On the roof of Romania – Fagarasi Mountains


The Fagaras Mountains, named by Emmanuel de Martonne in 1907 „The Transylvanian Alps” are undoubtedly the most impressive mountains in Romania. They are in fact „the loftiest, the highest, the iciest, the most alpine, and less horizontal” as one of the greatest geologists, Marcian Bleahu, stated. Duration: 8 nights/9 days optimal time July-October Difficulty: medium-high […]


Military Adventure Experience


Arsenal Park in Orastie has created a new form of holiday: military-themed resort. In the area of a former weapons factory in Orastie, the resort  kept the manly spirit and the atmosphere of the barracks:  military training as entertainment, organize airsoft and paintball fights, all alternating with fun free program in the park. The military […]


Golf Tour


SunGarden Golf & SPA Resort is a matter of heart and passion. Imagine yourself landing in Cluj-Napoca, the 2nd city of Romania and suddenly driving on a secluded winding road, in the midst of the forest and reaching a secret meadow! That is where you will find Sun Garden Golf & SPA Resort – a […]