Arsenal Park in Orastie has created a new form of holiday: military-themed resort. In the area of a former weapons factory in Orastie, the resort  kept the manly spirit and the atmosphere of the barracks:  military training as entertainment, organize airsoft and paintball fights, all alternating with fun free program in the park. The military rules are in place and you have to behave according to them.

You can choose between a room in a cannon or in an APC (Armoured Personnel Carrier) or the luxury shelters in duplex villas, belonging to the colonels and generals.

Duration: 5 nights/6 days

Price: from 385 Euro/person

HIGHLIGHTS OF THE TOUR “Military Adventure Experience”:

  • Cluj Napoca– a vibrant cultural and educational city
  • Arsenal Park Orastie –  The biggest military theme park in Europe
  • Accommodation in cannon gun carriages, in APCs, or in luxury chambers
  • Military training
  • Paintball and rides with military vehicles
  • Turda Salt Mine – the coolest underground place in the world

Day 1 Cluj Napoca- Alba Iulia-Orastie (143 km)

Arrival in Cluj Napoca. Pick up from the airport and transfer to the city center. Short city tour of Cluj Napoca,  vibrant cultural and educational city.  The main square is dominated by the the 15th century St. Michael’s Church, one of the finest examples of gothic architecture in Romania. The square also claims the 18-th century baroque Banffy Palace, housing the weaponry and Romanian art collections of the Art Museum. Departure to Alba Iulia to delve into the history and beauty of this tourist destination. It is is a trip through Romania’s history, back to the Dacian and Roman settlements, to the Habsburg citadel in the star-shaped configuration designed by the French engineer Marshal Vauban. Late afternoon you will reach the military-themed touristic complex in Orastie. Welcome dinner with traditional food and drinks in the ‘’Dacian village’’ of the resort. Accommodation in one of the villas of the 3* complex.

Day 2 Military Training

This military training is a unique activity in Romania, set up as entertainment. Military based, this activity is actually a sportive training, which aims to prepare the „soldiers” to confront the most difficult combat situations. A short training on the basic military movements prepares the „recruits” for what follows: exercises with gas masks on, crossing on obstacles courses, crawling under a camouflage net, rolling, beam cross. All these happen under the command of our Arsenal instructors.  At the end of a long day of adrenalin pumping, what could be more relaxing than a soft massage or a hot sauna in the hotel’s spa. Traditional food and drinks in  the ‘’Officers’ Mess.

Day 3 Paintball and firearms shooting

The former ammunition factory is now an adrenalin factory. The infrastructure of the park allows the simulation of different war situations, which makes it the greatest place for war games. Any good shooter would be truly glad to use a 1000mp warehouse, a realistic place that can genuinely reproduce the guerrilla struggle. The players split up into two teams and they are provided with proper equipment: protective equipment, helmets and camouflage suites for paintball players and helmets for airsoft players. AK47, G37, MP5 replicas are at their disposal. Feelings are as real as possible and even pain can be experienced. In the afternoon, one of the latest adrenaline pumper activity,  firearms shooting with  Kalasnikov guns. In the evening enjoy a delicious dinner and accommodation in the 3* military complex.

Day 4 Armoured rides and draisine

At first glance, the Romanian carrier from 1964 and the Swedish and Danish carriers seem to be just mammoth crawlers. You will regard them with respect and enthusiasm after climbing a 45 degrees ramp of after a near-vertical descent of a slope. Without seatbelt! These carriers go through ditches, over the slopes, through the forest, under the branches, just like a Soviet soldier. Watch your head and hold on tight! In the cabin or in the bucket, you may feel the most powerful feeling during your stay at Arsenal Park!  After a delicious lunch, you will enjoy a more peaceful ride. The draisine, which in the past was used for transporting arms and ammunition, is now used as a mini-cruise route (300 m long). In the evening, you will enjoy your leisure time and later sit around a campfire, enjoying a barbecue.

Day 5 Orastie-Hunedoara-Turda (113 km)

After breakfast transfer to Hunedoara for a guided tour of Hunyad Castle – one of the most well preserved Gothic castles of Transylvania and home to the mighty Huniady royal family. This is one of the less visited castles of Transylvania but a gem of Gothic architecture. Besides the story of Dracula vampire, Transylvania provides also other stories: the ancient salt mines , known even since the Romans’times. Turda salt mine, a museum and a center for halotherapy is our highlight for today. It is considered ‘ the coolest underground place in the world”, gaining its 22nd place of the unbelievable travel destinations, according to Business Insider. You will have the chance to visit this underworld theme park and relax in the futuristic rest rooms breathing the salty atmosphere, so beneficial to health.  Delight yourself with a vampire menu for dinner, a delicious reason to travel to Transylvania. Accommodate in a 4* medieval hotel.

Day 6 Turda- Cluj Napoca departure

Today you will say goodbye to your guide and head to Cluj Napoca International Airport for your flight home.

Included services

Included services:
- 5 nights’ accommodation in 3 and 4* best rated hotels
- 10 meals: - 5 breakfasts (days 2-6)
- 5 dinners (days 1-5)
Plus all these benefits:
- professional English speaking guide throughout the entire staying in Romania
- best available coaches with experienced drivers
- all entrance fees as per itinerary
-1/2 bottle of mineral water/person/day
- barbecue dinner around campfire
- Dracula farewell dinner in Turda
- hotel porterage and parking fees.

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