The Retezat Mountains (Munții Retezat) are among the most noteworthy natural beauties of Romania. Due to its rich biodiversity, most part of this massif has been set up in 1935 as a National Park. Major characteristics: the Retezat Mountains fall into two major groups:  –   The Limestone Retezat (or The Small Retezat), a massif with lower altitudes compared to The Central Retezat; the scenery is impressive due to its manifold caves, dens and gorges. The beautiful peaks’ height vacillates around 2,000 meters. The highest peaks are: Piule Peak (2,080 m) in the eastern extremity and Stănuleții Mari (2,032 m) in the western extremity.-The Central Retezat (herein described) consisting of the highest peaks (2 peaks ranging over 2,500 m, 9 ranging over 2,400 m and 20 ranging over 2,300 m), has the vastest network of valleys and glacier lakes. It is the mountain belt considered by specialists as the highest elevated in the country, with its average height of over 2,350 m.

Duration:  5 nights/6 days

Difficulty: medium difficulty due to longer routes but does not raise technical issues.  However the tourists  must have a good physical condition and have minimal experience on the mountains

Price: from 365 Euro/person

ITINERARY of  “Trekking in Retezat Mountains” tour:

Day 1 Brasov-  Hateg – Ohaba de sub Piatra- Carnic

In Brasov begins our Retezat expedition, one of the most beautiful mountains in Romania. Here you can meet most glacial lakes in the country, among them  the deepest, the largest and the highest ones. From Carnic we will begin the trek entering the National Park Retezat 1.480m (about 2 hours). Dinner – accommodation at Pietrele Chalet.

Day 2 – Peak Retezat

Breakfast. Valley Stanisoara / Vf Retezat 2.482m/Muchia Lolaia – reaches Scientific Reserve – Valley Stanisoara – Chalet Pietrele – about 6-9 hrs. Dinner – accommodation  Pietrele Chalet.

Day 3 – Bucura Peak – the lakes

Breakfast. Curmatura Bucurei 2.206m – 2.372m Vf II Hail – Hail I Vf 2.334m – Taul Gate 2260m – the highest lake in the Carpathians – Florica lakes,  Ana, Lia, Bucura the most extensive glacial lake in Carpathians- Valea Pietrele (valley of Stones) –  Pietrele Chalet –  8 to 10 hrs. Dinner – accommodation Pietrele Chalet.

Day 4 –  Peleaga Peak  2509m

Breakfast. Valea Pietrele (Valley of Stones) / Curmatura Bucurei Peak 2509m the highest Peleaga Retezat Mountains / Valley Rea / Cab stones (7-10 hours)
Dinner – accommodation Pietrele Chalet.

Day 5 – Lake Gales

Breakfast. Route: Valley Galesului / Taul of trees / Lake Gales  – Rea Valley / Cab Stones (7-9 hrs). Dinner – accommodation Pietrele Chalet.

Day 6 Brasov

Breakfast. Return to Carnic. Transfer back to Brasov.

Included services

Included services:
- 5 nights' accommodation at Pietrele Chalet
- half board (breakfast and dinner)
- English speaking guide/mountain guide during the whole trip
- transportation by modern coach/minibus depending on the number of participants
-waterproof clothes
-long pants (optional) short
-hiking boots
-60L waterproof or rainproof rucksack
-receptacle for water
-food for the journey
-plastic bags to protect things in backpack
-although accommodation is at the chalet, the sleeping bag is recommended.

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